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Silicon Valley’s secret sauce

Another interesting New York Times piece on my favorite subject.


Another attack on non-competes…and another advertisement for California

Another piece in the New York Times arguing against non-competes that highlights California’s enlightened approach. How is it that only one state (and actually North Dakota is not too bad) has seen the light on this?

The cost of non-compete agreements

This story in the New York Times makes pretty horrible reading. In my optimism I thought that non-competes were on their way to oblivion but apparently that is not the case. States that fail to implement laws banning non-competes will eventually suffer the economic consequences – they need to wake up and fix this.

Here’s another piece from the NYT on the same subject.

Interesting story about EMC and non-competes

It’s fun to Google “EMC non-competes” or something similar. EMC were well known for their scorched earth policy regarding non-competes as described in this old Fortune piece. I am curious to know how things are now that Dell owns EMC. Massachusetts seems in a complete mess with regards to non-competes, probably not helped by EMC’s influence. Apparently they have been trying for many years to come up with something that is still appalling for the victims…oops, employees (sorry 🙂 ). Don’t worry, there’s always California.