About richards technotes

RBLJrichards technotes is a blog that I use to capture handy techniques and ideas that are of use to me and maybe others too.

Current interests include all things tech but especially innovative networking concepts, ER (enhanced reality), TER (telepresent enhanced reality),  IoW (internet of whatever), robotics, AI, ML, quantum computing, molecular biology, cancer genetics…I could go on.

My primary focus right now is rt-ai Edge. I believe that there tremendous opportunity for embedded intelligent stream processing at the edge and that rt-ai Edge has an architecture and level of usability that is unique.

I am a veteran of multiple startups including Netcomm Limited in the UK (back in the dark ages and acquired by General Datacomm), Sirocco Systems in the US (acquired by Sycamore Networks) back in the optical networking bubble days and a few other startups of lesser note. I have high hopes for the last startup with which I was involved – Arvizio – although I have now moved on to innovating with AI at the edge and plan that this will be the basis of a new venture.

I’d say that, if I have any particular skill, it’s being able to learn new stuff really fast and then turn that into something that works really fast too. The one thing that I absolutely hate is other people doing stuff that I could have done before I get around to doing it.

These days I pretty much split my time between southern Maine and south west Florida (two very well known centers of tech :-)) with an occasional dose of SoCal. My ultimate goal is to own one house in a place that I actually want to live.